Thursday, May 30, 2013

inspiration lately.



here is a little bit of my inspiration as of lately. loving the geometric shapes, sunny beach photos, smiling animals, and romantic prints. hope this excites your inspire, also!
xoxo robs

green thumbs.

over memorial weekend, me and my sister-in-law decided to go cacti shopping. we both got ourself a variety of cacti and succulents, along with some adorable pots to tie in a bit of our personalities. who knew planting could so fun? it was fun to see which cacti we both choose and how different, yet similar they are! oh how i love having a new sister to do these things with! heres a little glimpse of our weekend. hope you enjoy.
p.s. if you don't hear anything about the cacti in the next couple weeks, i have probably already killed it. 
xoxo robs

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

london: according to film.

That's all for London....
xoxo robs

i see london.

oh me oh my. how fun is it reminiscing on the best four weeks ever? take me back to europe please! i think the best way to show your love for a country is through your photos. so here you all go. london in a nutshell.

highlights of london:
1) The Roy Lichtenstein gallery at the Tate Modern Museum
2) Fish and Chips
3) Les Miserables the musical on broadway
4) eating lunch in a crypt under Saint Martin's in the Fields
5) The Arnolfini Portrait by van eyck in the National Gallery

hope you enjoyed a little taste of london from my eyes.
xoxo robs


so as you all know, i have been abroad for the past month or so. this post is pretty late.... so sorry! i am gonna give you a little tease of Europe to make up for my lack of posting. expect some super awesome post in the next couple days. here are a few of my favorite photos from europe.
p.s. i had a super awesome weekend in vegas this past memorial day, looking forward to sharing some cute photos.