Thursday, September 27, 2012

call me maybe?

my roommate ashley found this online and i just cant stop laughing. how funny! i bet Carly Rae Jepsen is laughing at us Mormons :) well i would be ! so great. Call Me Maybe Conference Style!

i have been having a blast thinking about the songs from my childhood. and of course I immediately get taken back to the Backstreet Boys, and NYSYNC, but do you remember the A*Teens? I sure do, and I am very embarassed to say that I had to buy this song off iTunes, just for kicks. Love it. 
Here are some photos from the other day. I am sorry I have not been very good at posting and stuff, but I should have some photos soon. Rachel took some at the flag football game we watched, so those should be here soon. For now... Enjoy!
P.S. remember to love the little moments, they are pretty great.  xoxo robs
hardcore partiers? haha we wish.

studying on our first sunny day in Rexburg!

i love devotional!

got this adorable letter from Eli in the mail, i was so happy!

studying with two beauties. I love Em and Morgan.

Our breathe taking study spot!

Monday, September 24, 2012


hope you had a wonderful rainy day... and if it didn'r rain where you are. here's a little rainy lovin'... muah! xoxo robs


this weekend was fabulous in 138 Kerr Hall. Rexburg is everything i imagined and more. I love it here. Hope you had a darling weekend and found yourself among amazing people because i sure did. Highlights of my week were many! Yesterday we had a great time at a dance on campus and had a really amazing time with some new found friends. Here are some cute pictures from that day... we look better in the first pictures than in the ones during the dance. boy was it hot on that dance floor! we had a blast though. after I had a great time catching up with my friend Jayson (and taking this extremely awkwardly wonderful polaroid)! He is pretty much the greatest. Looking forward to the crazy times that are gonna happen in the future with that boy! The night ended on a high note, falling asleep to The Boy in The Striped Pajamas, and crazy slumber talk with my wonderful roommates. Gotta love the insanity that takes place in this dorm.... hahah. But this Sunday was one of the best sundays Ive had in a really long time. The speakers were incredible and I could really feel the spirit throughout the whole sacrament... even with Garet, Scott, and Chris making a rukus next to me... Oh my lanta, those kids. The sacrament was very special today, I couldnt really tell you why, but maybe it was just where I needed to be today, and I am very grateful for that. Of course Sunday School was hilarious, me and Ashley had a good time observing people and finding a few people falling asleep and/ or picking their noses. It was pretty spectacular.  We found our that we have pretty much the coolest Home Teachers... Chris & Scott *didnt see that coming... psych!* we plan on creating some great memories. After church we went to dinner at our new friends Marcus & Matt's apt. It was super kind of them to invite us over and make us dinner, I was super surprised! They left a very very good impression... and we will be sure to return the cooking favors back to them! After we went to the Stadium Singing, when all the students gather to sing hymns under the stadium. It was a very uplifting and fun experience. I am glad i didnt miss out on that oppurtunity! We finished the night laugh to the movie "The RM"... and some much needed girl talk. I think i could get used to this....
life is incredible. im pretty much the luckiest girl in the world.
i guess its good night for now, back to a busy week of test, quizzes, homework, and study groups. wish me luck!
xoxo robs

Saturday, September 22, 2012


happy saturday!

so last night a ton of our friends got together and went to the sand dunes and had a bonfire with some awesome friends. A lot of them were from my new ward, it was so fun meeting all the new faces. We had a great time listening to country music and swaying to the beat. I have never been a big fan of country... but at a bonfire it is very suitable i guess! i actually enjoied it! it was freezing cold, im gonna have to try and get used to this strange weather. After we got home, we decided at 11:45 that we wanted  FroYo from Kiwi Loco... since it closes at 12:00 we had to speed our way there. It was pretty hilarious. I bet all the customers there thought we were super lame in our pajamas looking like fools. It was great. A spectacular night with a wonderful bunch of friends. Here are some pictures that my friend Taylor Dossett took while at the bonfire. I totally slacked and forgot my camera. rookie move. looking forward to tonight, a HUGE dance party at the Hart and some free time to help get over my cold. yay! Here are some fun pictures! xoxo robs
P.S. recognize the jacket? thrifted from the gypsy den? i studded it... and it looks fabulous! i think i may be obsessed.
love them!
a great night. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

you make me happy.

you make me happy, when skies are grey. so this weekend was super fun and all, this week has gone by so rapidly that i seemed to have no time to post at all! SORRRY.. yet again! but here are some of the memories we created through out this week. we went to Fat Cats for our church (21st Ward) social, and bowl-ed it up all night long. it was a good time. I got a chance to see Nate&Vanessa the cutest married couple on this planet, and i got to meet so many awesome kids from our ward. Im looking forward to spending every sunday with this bunch of people! I also remembered that i forgot a few pictures from the other day, and they are pretty adorable so here is a little bit more of where that came from! Im catching up to the whole college quick moving past, and i think i am finally getting a hang of it **knock on wood**! this week we actually made time to hang out with a few friends on WEEKDAYS. which is rather impressive considering our homework load. I have been having a great time, and my roommates are super fun. Me and Emily have gotten super close. and when i say super close, i mean it. I guess we actually talk to eachother in our sleep. Emily woke up yesterday morning to tell me to be quite, but she woke to herself talking... and then i replied. So i guess you could say we are best friends! "in your nice warm bed, boy just remember what your old pal said, cause you got a friend in me!" - Toy Story.  I am looking forward to the adventures we are gonna have this weekend, i guess we will see how that goes and all! good luck in school for all those struggling fresh meat like me! make time to socialize... i think it is quite important :) ta ta for now! xoxo robs
I swear this girl always is making me laugh!

the cutests girls of Kerr Hall!
baha caught taking a picture.

nifty thrifties in rexburg!
rachel is now offically a member of apt. #138

the usual. 

pro bowlers.
the definition of awkward. 

love these girls!

Monday, September 17, 2012

-idaho skies-

so this weekend was great. especially this sunday, i am so excited for my new ward and the awesome people that i will be able to get to know. i had a great time last night playing night games at some kids in our wards house. (tates previous house... weird). it was funny, any time i died or screwed up they told me i was messing up Tate's last name and ruining his rep! haha. oh so we had a good time just playin games and laughing hysterically. it was a good time. after we watch a scary movie at some new friends house, i love how easy it is to make friends here! here are some lovely photos of our idaho skies. im in love.
p.s. say hi to my new polaroid friend. we have become quite close! xoxo robs

Saturday, September 15, 2012


so yesterday was a very strange day. so many ups and downs for me. i dont really know what to think about it. but thats okay. my phone is broken, dead, forever. apple is sending me a new one, so therefore i hope to be back on instagram in no time! haha. well anywho. yesterday i only had one class so i spent most the time studying and doing laundry. last night we went out with some friends, and saw a different side of the Rexburg. i am so grateful i had my roommates there to help me decide that the type of enviroment we want to be in, was not any where near where we were. we left early and had a slumber party... which couldnt have been any better :) love life here, and i cant wait for the adventures that await!
hope you had a wonderful friday!
xoxo robs

Thursday, September 13, 2012

anyone who hasnt gone to college is in for a treat, one with vinegar instead of vanilla. it is a sweet and sour feeling. the studying is sooo difficult, and the constant staying up til midnight just to finish working. it is pretty rough, but im loving life. i have met some of the most amazing people. here are some photos of this week. these girls make my life COMPLETE. its funny how we spend our time in the library studying and we still have a blast. i had a great time having to sneak over the wall when i missed curfew because our rides car died. super funny memories. ripping my pants, and making a fool out of myself. but i am so grateful for the oppurtunity to be up here at BYU-I where i have such strong and amazing friends. i am so blessed. p.s. i miss my mom. 
couldn't have asked for a better roomie!

gorgeous girls.

ohmylanta, we are all grown up!

natural beauties... baha!
xoxo robs
thanks to all those who have still commented and check out my blog even though i have been lame lately! the first week of college is insane, hopefully it will slow down a bit!

Monday, September 10, 2012

lost puppy.

so today was my first offical day of school! classes started today and i had three of them! Beauty & Creativity- Humanities. Foundations Science (ewww.). Book of Mormon. my teachers all seem good. Especially my Book of Mormon teacher, the same one that just decided not to show up to class today. I think me and her are gonna get along well.... NOT! i was already a lost little puppy on campus, so she just had to make me even more confused? why? blasphemy. but the day went really well. after classes we did some homework, and then met up with a friend of mine Andrew Pierson (second photo) and ate waffles at my dorm! SCORE! emily taught me to eat peanut butter on mine, double score! yummy.  then the height of my day was the sweet deals we got at the DI. me and emily got our dorm a TV and DVD player and all the cables for only 30 bucks. We are super excited for Friday Night Movie Nights. we also taught the boys a little more about thrifting, and i think they are hooked :)
overall a great day. ending it off on a high note with a warm blanket, and a dark dorm. so sleepyy...
our dorm is definitely the party dorm!

this kid. A++++

studying already? what?
zzzzz.... robs

Sunday, September 9, 2012

livin' the life.

sorry my posts have been ever unfrequent, but this first week of school is just crazy mess. it has been awesome! i can offically say that my first weekend was very successful: bridge jumping, waterfall sites, and gelati with some incredible kids. its amazing how some of the kids at BYU-I are so outgoing and welcoming! i love it. ive already made some incredible friendships. whoot whoot! my roomates are perfection! i love each of them so much, i think i got super lucky (yeah, me, lucky, WHAT?). Me and Emily's dorm room is adorable, and i will have photos to share soon... its not very clean currently. haha. but here are some cute photos we have taken throughout the week. i wish i had a scanner for my polaroid photos, but i guess that will have to wait!

love her.

talent show night.

we heart college.
how did your weekend go?
xoxo robs

Friday, September 7, 2012

cool college kids.

well look who is all grown up... but not entirely ( for my mom!). so im off to school. i met my roommates, and i couldnt have got luckier. i got three adorable girls, we click great! so i guess maybe i have a little luck? ***its probably all out now... dang it! but i really love it up here. the enviroment is so awesome and the people could not be any nicer! its cool how no one knows anyone so we are all forced to be outgoing! a bonus for extra outgoing people like me! there is a multitude of ADORABLE boys here. and i am more than excited to introduce myself tomorrow.... i didnt have the guts today... 
but my mom is gone. and im a mom-less college student and it is starting to kick in. i dont know what to do. i think i may be a mama's girl... well wait, i know i am. ah! i see a lot of skyping in the future. so here it goes, watch out Rexburg, im here :) 
P.S. mom... i think you left somethings here in my dorm. their names are- your daughter, me, moi, robby.... COME BACK! jk. i love you. bye :(

my new roomates!
emily, ashley, jessica

my cousin, and new bff, spence!

dear idaho, i love you.

cant wait for my future adventures! whootwhoot!
xoxo robs