Sunday, September 2, 2012

little buggers.

so this week has been insane, doing absolutely every that is possible.  working, babysitting the cutest boys ever, and having family in town, swimming, and PACKING PACKING PACKING! it has been so hectic, hence the lack of posts and commenting! sorry about that! but here are some lovely photos of my two favorite boys in the world. (besides my dad and brothers, of course) but here ya go! so precious. 
i cant seem to grasp the fact that today is the last day before i head up to school. i am so nervous and scared and excited at the same time. i feel bipolar. today is the last day with my dad before i head off and it freaks me out. i love him so much, gonna miss him making fun of me and making me laugh. i guess that is what texting and facetime is for? ah! crazy.
wish me luck!
xoxo robs

i love you.