1. ride in a hot air balloon
2. visit the Taj Mahal
3. go sky diving with my brothers
4. paint a mural
5. go to Jerusalem
6. learn a new language ** in the process. 
7. become an art teacher
8. take a spontaneous road trip. no planning (pick a point, and go!)
9. do at least 50 laps in a car around the roundabout. 
10. watch every Audrey Hepburn movie
11. learn to sew ** 
12. illustrate/write a children's novel
13. ride in/drive a dog sled. ***here!
14. watch the Northern Lights with the people I love. 
15. go on a cruise.
16. karaoke singing with my best friends. 
17. start my own art museum. 
18. complete a whole journal or smash book!
19. sell my artwork prints. SOON!
20. start a photography business ** in the process
21. have breakfast at Tiffany's
22. go sailing with Dylan
23. go on a trip for purely humanitarian purpose
24. grow (& keep growing)succulents and cacti! **here!
25. do 100 laps around a round-a-bout (haha!)

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