Tuesday, October 30, 2012

--risky business--

halloween, never really been my thing. not until now. halloween + college + dancing all night + new friend = total success. had a great time this weekend dancing it up with some new girls, and with old ones too. sarah, hannah, chandler, heather, amanda, kelsey, liz, rachel, rachel #2, and others made the night especially wonderful. cheers to a happy pre- halloween. hope you have a spooky day. and remember...  treats > tricks.
xoxo robs

Friday, October 26, 2012


Rexburg is pretty magical right now, its a winter wonderland... in fall? im not so sure i will like the snow in a week, but for now.. we are friends! i had a great day sippin' cider with Rachel all morning long while watching snowflakes dance across the sky. Smores waffles with Morgan made the day even more deliciously magical. And movie nights with friend left my snow day on a high. If the snow brings all this happiness, i think we will get along swell. happy snow day!
xoxo robs!
p.s. we have exciting news! Morgan is coming home with me for Thanksgiving.... whoo! let the fun begin!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

hay there-

so for home evening we decided to hit up the hay maze, we were lost for a good hour... it was quite fun! we had a great time freezing our butts off , drinking hot cocoa, and running into MANY dead ends. it was a fun night. here is a glimpse of the photos i took. 

i had a great time being behind the camera in such a spooky fun settting. the lighting was a bit of a challenge... but we worked it! 

xoxo robs

p.s. i am currently obsessed with Taylor Swifts new CD Red!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


life has been treating me well lately. 
lately i've had some good laughs.
 really enjoying the chilly weather and clothing. 
loving the beanies, jackets, layers, and rain.
i had a blast this week hanging out with friends,
watching the walking dead, lacrosse games, and flag football.
i have met some truly amazing people. 
people i love and will never forget.
loving these memories. 
lately i have been lucky. 

p.s. cant wait for thanksgiving....missing my mom. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012


so today was a whimsical day on campus. the colors all around seemed bright and vibrant. they made me feel so warm, even though it is quite chilly out in rexburg. i have decided that fall in rexburg is my favorite time. i absolutely love it. had a great day DI shopping, got two new winter skirts that were only $4, which was quite a steal. we ended our night watching scary movies with friends and cuddling in blankets, cause our dorm seems to encourage hypothermia. gotta love the poor college student lifestyle. thank goodness for electric blankets. 
hope you had a wonderful day also.

smile more!
xoxo robs.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


today was a pretty thoughtful day. the rain matched my emotion. kind of a grey day. missing home, and missing my kitten. rexburg is beautiful in the rain, so many different values of gray and blue. makes me wish i had my paint set. cant wait until i get a chance to catch up on releasing some built up feelings into my artwork. well have to see what comes of that. the day is coming to an end, yet homework seems endless?  if only i was the fairy god mother and could change homework to sleep. calling it an early night, i am positive tonight will be a soundless night. sweet dreams of being home with my family.... please. 
xoxo robs

Saturday, October 13, 2012

windy wonders.

today i got to spend the whole day with my mom and brother. i couldnt think of a better way to spend my saturday. we went to lunch and then at 2:30 we headed up to Victor, Idaho to see Tate race at Moosecross. It was a cyclocross race, so those are always extra fun to watch. Chris, one of me and tates friend drove up with us! it was a really fun time. Tate did very well and pulled a great number! The rest of the day was spent dancing it up and and is ending on a high note as i awe over Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice! What a wonderful day.

good job today,  tate! 
xoxo robs

Friday, October 12, 2012


so i had a spectacular friday. guess who came to visit me in little ole rexburg? my mom.. and brother! talk about a double wammy! i was super excited to hear that they were spending the night in rexburg while on their way up to driggs for tate's cyclocross race (where i will be tomorrow, screaming and shouting for him). i spent the day napping and cuddling with my mom-- catching up on sleep was much needed. and then we went to dinner at Mandarin Chinese Restaurant! I was very suprised at how good the food really was! whoohoo. I got to bring a few of my favorite poeple! Emily. Danielle. Dallin. Tate. and Mom. It was a super fun meal with a ton of laughs, mockery, and happiness. I think i may be on cloud nine right now, so happy! The rest of the night I spent talking with my roommates, and just hanging out. We started to watch a movie, and then i realized i was insane... i totally should be at the hotel cuddling with my mommmy! so guess what i did? exactly that. and here i am now. Just as giddy as a a thirteen year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert. I have missed my best friend ! So glad you visited me mom! Good luck on your race tomorrow, Tate! Pictures to come!


iPhone/iPad App Must-Have:
I love this app and i just wanted to share my love! so if anyone hasn't got it already, then you should! it is a new trendy way of instagraming and making your iPhone photos looking more professional!

heres my most reason duomatic photo:

start with this.  
take this.  
overlap, and viola! you have an overlay photo!
cute eh?

have a lovely weekend! xoxo robs

P.S. new seasons on netflix, both gossip girl & one tree hill... netflix is trying to kill my education. AH! must resist!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


just a little post to welcome the fall. i love the leaves, the red and orange hues, they make everything seem so majestic! even though its getting super chilly outside, i find myself  enjoying the walks to and from class just so i can see the trees! i am already loving the boots and tights, the pea coats and jackets, and the beanies and scarfs. here comes fall! totally embracing it!

"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year." -Ralph Waldo Emerson 

xoxo robs

Monday, October 8, 2012

.a twist to the norm.

so sorry, but i am about to break blogging etiquette. i have to blog twice today, cause i am so excited to share these photos! i was in charge of FHE tonight. So being very pinterest inspired, we decided to play a game of {painted twister} and lets just say it was a complete SUCCESS.  here are a few photos! 

p.s. hope you had a lovely monday!

unexpected laughs.

hope everyone has had a great last couple of weeks, sorry i havent been blogging very much! i have had some super fun times in the last two weeks and they are all definitely blog worthy. so here we go. list form to condense the words. 

1. we threw lovely jessica a surprise birthday party, and it was pretty much the cutest thing ever! hope you had a wonderful day, jess!

2. We took a spontaneous, crazy, hilarious, and beautiful time traveling to utah to see General Conference. we sang songs the whole way, and made a ton of new memories that will last forever! here are a few of my favorite photos from the vacation. 



3. I realized that I seriously have the best roommate in the world. We had such an amazing time together this weekend, and I am officially the luckiest! thank you Emily, for dealing with my craziness and being a wonderful friend. 

look how close we were to the front!
4. I had a great time seeing my family, and i am pretty sure i have the craziest, yet most wonderful family in the world! And, i have four super cute girls that represent BYU-Idaho for me, and lets just say they ROCK it! how cute are they!?

so here was a glimpse of my recent happiness! i can't remember the last time i have been so happy! i feel like im in the right place, at the right time, and that life is really great. now i just need to see my mom.... NEXT WEEKEND! i can hardly stand the wait.