Saturday, November 24, 2012


well the holiday in las vegas was a total success.
lots of fun and laughter. 
we ended the weekend with a bang.
some great black friday finds.
here is my favorite. 
and some  beautiful christmas sights,
with very beautiful people.
great memories. 

night life.

we've had an amazing time in vegas.
last night we explored the strip, 
and were awed (yet again) at the lights. 
it will be sad on sunday when we have to leave.
until then, lets live while we are young. 

xoxo robs

Thursday, November 22, 2012

a red morning.

this morning we woke up and went for a hike up red rock canyon. 
we had some great laughs, getting lost, and struggling to find our footing. 
spontaneous hikes are something that need to happen more often.
happy thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

turkey day.

so if you know our family, 
you know we eat,
so in honor of turkey day,
here is a challenge.
feast yourself. 

the litchfields, maughans, alders, and jellens. 

vegas baby.

coming shortly to a dash of robs:
1. turkey day face stuffing photos.
2. black friday mayhem.
3. jacuzzi madness.
4. polaroid moments.
5. amusement park screams. 
6. children at buffets.
so excited to be going home for about a week to celebrate Thanksgiving in my own home! cant wait for a  jam packed weekend with the people i love. heather, holly, and spencer are joining too... hope they know what they got themselves into. can the next 10 hour drive please just be over quickly? 
cant wait to hug my dad, miss that goober.  & cuddle with my kitten. 
looking forward to what the next week brings
xoxo robs

Sunday, November 18, 2012

its in his genes.

so spencer had a lacrosse game. 
we got a bunch of people out to support.
it was pretty much freezing, 
so he knows we really love him. 
& officially is a lacrosse champion for BYU-I.
excitement was plentiful. 

xoxo robs

golden brown.

good-bye autumn.
my favorite season.
hello winter.
my worst nightmare.

xoxo robs

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


so i have been seeing these circle sayings online lately, and have taken a liking to them.
here is my attempt....
and here is a beautiful one that inspired me. 
sorry its not ocober anymore. 
october, come back. 
xoxo robs

weekend wonders.

this past weekend i got to take a spontaneous trip to Orem to meet up with my mom, Tate, and also Ty! it was so fun to see them. Tate had a race in Ogden, so of course we had to be his supportcrew, the snowy weather helped for a entertaining race. Tate did VERY well ending in third place, with only a few frozen limbs, and a couple scars to prove his strength. Ty helped him win by throwing snowballs at him during one of the hardest sections....thats what i call love. The weekend was amazing, and im wishing i could go back and replay it over and over. Only a week until i am back home with my dad and my cat... two things i have missed very much. i really dont think i can wait that long, but i have to. Its snowy and cold in Rexburg, and that sure does help sustain my sore throat and stuffy nose. I bought myself a new ice scraper for my car... I feel like i am offically a Rexican. I am gonna have to get used to this. Sorry for the belated post! I will try to be better~ but here are some photos to make up for it.
xoxo robs

Wednesday, November 7, 2012



super disappointed with the election, but even more disappointed that people won't just take it for what it is and move on. facebook is blowing up. its pretty ridiculous. had a crazy jam packed day today and have been out of the house from 8am- 3pm doing classes, tests, tutoring, hmwk, and so on. finally home. ready for more homework, and then hopefully an early nights rest. cant wait for this weekend's trip to see my brothers and mom in utah for tates race. got to skype allison and jill today, they make me smile. productive, happy day!
these two have seriously made the past couple weeks priceless.
we were sad after the election, so we ate our feelings. 

a friend found this cute kitten, she is at the humane society now :(

a photo from the american dance last weekend. so fun. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

vote now.

in honor of my recent patriotism...
 yes i voted. first time. loving it. feeling super american. so we went to a red, white, and blue dance. 
we had a great night dancing it up.
here are some photos that give just a glimpse of the craziness!

the lovely holly... who now have a blog!

xoxo robs 

Friday, November 2, 2012

sunset skies..

who knew rexburg had amazing sunsets? not me, so when i saw it i got super excited! me, rachel, and ashley made it into a photo-shoot. so here are the results:

xoxo robs.