Wednesday, February 27, 2013

whatta hunk.

hopefully everyone had a great weekend!
i was in utah- working on stuff for allison's bridal shower! 
i am so tempted to post pictures of my project...
but it shall remain a surprise. 
other than that, the week has been going by so slow. 
dying for it to be march 7th already, so i can be in my own house again.
i like the thought of that. 
but until them, im enjoying the fun times with this hunk. 
sushi night at pineapple grill, 
and smiles all night long.
i got super lucky when it comes to this guy.

xoxo robs

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


my current likes: 
1. green eyed beauties
2. that boy of mine
3. tranquility statements
3. john lennon
4. silly faced cats that take me home
5. love in the air

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

a day date.

oh boy, dont you just love president's day weekend? 
we decided to go on a double day date with some friends.
these handsome, fun fellas took us to Jackson, WY. 
we walked around town, took photos,
drooled over candy shop, and date some yummy italian pizza. 
Jackson Hole is such a cute western town, and we had a really great time.
Here are some photos.... & YES! THAT IS THE SUN. we got lucky!

hope you had a great president's day! xoxo robs

Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy love day.

i officially love valentines day. 
merely because this boy is perfect.
he made me dinner,
and made it well.
filet mignon, yeah fancy, 
i know! 
i got myself one talented boyfriend.
& i am pretty positive im not sharing.
hope you had as happy of a night as we did. 
photos to share the smiles.... check!
happy valentines, 
love you all!

xoxo robs & dylan. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

oh darling.

oh darling,
lets be adventurers.
& so they were. 

we took a bit of a drive to the teton dam,
got stuck in the snow, 
which was up past the tires.
since dylan was being spontaneous,
i was wearing flats.
guess who had to dig the car out by himself?
my handsome man.
we finally got out of the jam,
and watched the sunset together.
it was a pretty great night. 
and we have pictures to prove it.

xoxo robs

Friday, February 8, 2013

i heart you.

i am sure if you follow me on instagram you have already seen this post,
but i am obsessed. could this be any greater? hahah.
describes us to the T, and i think it is a keeper. 
dontcha just love instax? 
this moment will last forever now, and there is no changing it!

loves & hugs.

sorry for being pretty flakey the last week. 
it has surely been a crazy one!
so i have some fun photos of my week for you.
and some cute valentines that are a work in progress. 
feel free to download and use the pictures, hopefully they work for you. 
if they dont, email me and i will rescan them for you.
thought about selling them on etsy, but realized i am a little late for that.
this week has been filled with:
laughter with dylan
pretty little liar scares
valentine dreaming
pinterest obessessing
and crockpot creations. 

xoxo robs.