Wednesday, February 27, 2013

whatta hunk.

hopefully everyone had a great weekend!
i was in utah- working on stuff for allison's bridal shower! 
i am so tempted to post pictures of my project...
but it shall remain a surprise. 
other than that, the week has been going by so slow. 
dying for it to be march 7th already, so i can be in my own house again.
i like the thought of that. 
but until them, im enjoying the fun times with this hunk. 
sushi night at pineapple grill, 
and smiles all night long.
i got super lucky when it comes to this guy.

xoxo robs


  1. So excited for pictures of the bridal shower!

    1. ill post maybe the invite soon so you can see the design and stuff! i am so anxious, it is gonna be a picture fest!

  2. I love going to bridal and baby showers, it's always a fun time to be with your girlfriends and eat yummy food!

    1. so true! i got lucky being the bridesmaid, i get to plan the whole thing! SOOO FUN!

  3. Yum sushi! Excited to see what you're working on <3