Thursday, January 31, 2013

dainty days.

so if you know me you know i am in love with cameos. 
i just love the personable feel of them.
so when i got this new set of cameos for christmas, my heart jumped. 
my grandmother knows me so well.
here is my newest addition to the cameo collection.
pretty much my favorite. 

isn't this collar pin PERFECTION? 

xoxo robs

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

snow plows.

been woken up to the sound of snow plows is not very fun.
i have decided me and the snow do not get along,
especially when it is putting rings of salt around my cute shoes.
not cool, snow. not cool. 
so today i have been dreaming of the sun, and wearing abnormally bright colored shirts
in order to live in my imagination where summer is a year long season. 

xoxo robs

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

red noses.

sorry i have been MIA lately, 
been pretty sick with the cold,
i think i got it from that cute boy named dylan,
curse him and his good looks.
so i decided id make a quick blog for all you 
sick ones out there,
here are a few sick tips for you:
1. ludens wild cherry throat drops- taste like candy and work wonders
2. a heated blanket, set on high.
3. kleenex-- with lotion. my poor nose!
4. a hoodie & boyfriend fit jeans are perfect for sick days when you still are gonna be seen in public.
5. a boyfriend who will drive you to walgreens to get meds when its snowing and awful outside.

hope you have a non-sick day, and find joy in watching the snow fall!
xoxo robs

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

kale salad.

so I started buying bountiful baskets,
which are baskets for 15 bucks with an abundance of veggies & fruits,
So with the addition of these baskets in my life...
I think my blog may acquire some new recipes that I have thought up!
I am hoping that the baskets will help me eat healthy and maybe even get me to become a better cook!
I have a man to impress!
So here's my new favorite salad recipe...

Kale Salad:
-finely chopped kale (either purple kale or regular works)
-4 chopped strawberries
-1/3 of a Granny Smith apple
- 5 or 6 sliced RAW almonds (these are way healthier than the candied almonds in most salads!)
-add 1/5 of oranges for an extra yummy taste!
-squeeze some lime juice on top of the salad, but not too much!
-a small amount of olive oil as the dressing, but you don't need much!
-if the kale is bitter, add a dash of sugar to sweeten the taste!
Serving size: an individual size bowl.

Also! This salad will last for a day or so, so make extra and have it for lunch two days in a row! Hope you give it a go! It is super healthy, and very yummy! If you have any extra input or opinions, please share!
Happy Healthy Eating!
Xoxo robs.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

my weekend in instax.

this weekend turned out to be a great one. 
we had a blast seeing my family,
eating an abnormal amount of food, 
talking about past memories,
& telling embarrassing "robyn stories" to dylan. 
it was funny seeing the little girls joke around with him, 
and i think everyone had a blast. 
i got lucky with this boy, 
and especially lucky with my family. 
i love them more than anything. 

here is my weekend according to my fujifilm instax polaroid:

Friday, January 18, 2013

a map of photos.

off for a fun weekend with the people i love the most. 
and this is how i plan to map out my adventures. 
diana mini.
instax fujifilm polaroid. 
hope to have some great memories because of these babies. 
hope you have a great weekend also!
xoxo robs 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

friday come quick.

the snow is to die for today, so beautifully dancing! 
i find myself staring out the window. 
i really dont want to do my homework,
so instead i decided to blog. 
im so excited to see my fam damn this weekend.
should be a pretty great time. 
hope dylan doesn't think my family is strange. 
who am i kidding?
my family is strange. 
can't wait to hang with those weirdos, 
i think they are my favorite.

xoxo robs

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

|my space|

so i just thought i would share with you my room,
although its a pretty small room...
i think ive made it pretty homey. 
here's a quick tour in photos. 

my favorites:
1.  so i made some cute geometric shapes.
yes. out of washi tape! it was fun and they are way cute!

2. i am obsessed with old photos and the meaning behind them. 
so i went to town with washi tape to make them cute and fun. 
like my jewlery holder? only ten bucks at the hobby lobby! absolute favorite part of my room is definitely this rhino. 
i have found that 3D art really makes a statement in a room! 
thanks to allison for the clever placement!

4.wall art galore! i really love my new polaroid cable hanger (urban: 2 for $14)<-- a="a" add="add" also="also" around="around" bit="bit" design.="design." font="font" frames="frames" i="i" in="in" lot="lot" made="made" more="more" my="my" of="of" order="order" posters="posters" score="score" tape="tape" to="to" washi="washi">

5. last but not least, a little light! my favorite part of my room is this little corner, where i can watch the snow fall. isn't it just so beautiful?
 hope you enjoyed! xoxo robs

Sunday, January 13, 2013

negative degrees.

a pretty good weekend for this girl right here! 
friday night was filled with "shoot em up" movies-- Jack Reacher,
chocolate covered strawberries, and a really cute boy. and instax photos in the snow. 
saturday was packed with the same boy, 
arcade games, mini golf, bowling, and cheesey pizzza. 
we had a great time just hanging out and getting to know friends better.
bryce offically wins the "class clown award"---
((exemplified in the photo below)).
finishing my sunday night with chili on rice
with three great people. 
allison, tate, and dylan. 
 can't the weekend continue on FOREVER? 

whatta cutie. 

this kid cracks me up!

this one is definitely going on my wall.

xoxo robs

Saturday, January 12, 2013

bye bye bug.

hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. 
ive been letting my thoughts drift to summer daydreams, 
and sunny weather....
the snow has not been my friend today. 
the VW Beetle got towed today, and im not too happy. 
but John Lennon's words always help.
so therefore...
let it be.

good luck facing the snow everyone!!!
xoxo robs

Friday, January 11, 2013

design loving.

what's better than not having classes on fridays?
not having class & pinning all morning. 
here are some of my latest favorite designs.

xoxo robs

Thursday, January 10, 2013


last night was a pretty perfect night.
tate met dylan.
dylan met tate. 
& it went well...
i know, crazy!
we had a fun night, 
& i realize that this kid really makes me happy.
aren't i lucky?
go ahead & try to convince me otherwise. 

xoxo robs

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Here's one of my newest paintings, had fun with some mini canvases! Looking forward to see how they look in my new apt. in rexburg!

Trouble in the form of 3...

Been missing rexburg a lot.
Not much to do in vegas.
But then two of my favorites came along.
Celina & Sarah.
Oh, how I have missed you two!
Here are some photos from some recent adventures.