Tuesday, January 15, 2013

|my space|

so i just thought i would share with you my room,
although its a pretty small room...
i think ive made it pretty homey. 
here's a quick tour in photos. 

my favorites:
1.  so i made some cute geometric shapes.
yes. out of washi tape! it was fun and they are way cute!

2. i am obsessed with old photos and the meaning behind them. 
so i went to town with washi tape to make them cute and fun. 
like my jewlery holder? only ten bucks at the hobby lobby!

3.my absolute favorite part of my room is definitely this rhino. 
i have found that 3D art really makes a statement in a room! 
thanks to allison for the clever placement!

4.wall art galore! i really love my new polaroid cable hanger (urban: 2 for $14)<-- a="a" add="add" also="also" around="around" bit="bit" design.="design." font="font" frames="frames" i="i" in="in" lot="lot" made="made" more="more" my="my" of="of" order="order" posters="posters" score="score" tape="tape" to="to" washi="washi">

5. last but not least, a little light! my favorite part of my room is this little corner, where i can watch the snow fall. isn't it just so beautiful?
 hope you enjoyed! xoxo robs


  1. Love the washi tape placement! You have done such a cute job with everything!

  2. So cute! What a great idea with the tape :)


  3. Love your room! I saw something quite similar to your rhino on abeautifulmess the other day, but it was a bunny - and I really want it! Where did you get your rhino?
    Lots of love!

    1. I actually got it on sale at anthropologie for 28 bucks! During their semi-annual sale, they usually sell some of their decorations from the store! it was a total score, i definitely got lucky.

  4. Your room is incredible, I love all the photos and little details <3
    Kaz x

  5. I love your little space, I'm even jealous of your little desk in front of the window. The artwork + art prints is lovely, I like how you placed them together to make it all fit and work!