Tuesday, January 22, 2013

kale salad.

so I started buying bountiful baskets,
which are baskets for 15 bucks with an abundance of veggies & fruits,
So with the addition of these baskets in my life...
I think my blog may acquire some new recipes that I have thought up!
I am hoping that the baskets will help me eat healthy and maybe even get me to become a better cook!
I have a man to impress!
So here's my new favorite salad recipe...

Kale Salad:
-finely chopped kale (either purple kale or regular works)
-4 chopped strawberries
-1/3 of a Granny Smith apple
- 5 or 6 sliced RAW almonds (these are way healthier than the candied almonds in most salads!)
-add 1/5 of oranges for an extra yummy taste!
-squeeze some lime juice on top of the salad, but not too much!
-a small amount of olive oil as the dressing, but you don't need much!
-if the kale is bitter, add a dash of sugar to sweeten the taste!
Serving size: an individual size bowl.

Also! This salad will last for a day or so, so make extra and have it for lunch two days in a row! Hope you give it a go! It is super healthy, and very yummy! If you have any extra input or opinions, please share!
Happy Healthy Eating!
Xoxo robs.


  1. Thinking about buying these baskets, too. Might help keeping a healthy diet!
    That salad looks tastyyy!

  2. i never know how i feel about fruits in salad, but this looks good and super healthy :)