Wednesday, January 16, 2013

friday come quick.

the snow is to die for today, so beautifully dancing! 
i find myself staring out the window. 
i really dont want to do my homework,
so instead i decided to blog. 
im so excited to see my fam damn this weekend.
should be a pretty great time. 
hope dylan doesn't think my family is strange. 
who am i kidding?
my family is strange. 
can't wait to hang with those weirdos, 
i think they are my favorite.

xoxo robs


  1. love these pictures, especially the braid!

  2. ooh fishtail! i can't get the hang of hairdos.. i think i just might cut all my hair off ;)

  3. I love the braid! And these photos:)

  4. Hi there pretty girl! & lucky you, it's now officially Friday! & Dylan will survive ;). I always find peoples family who are WAY different than my own entertaining/delightful