Friday, July 27, 2012


today i had another day off! so mom.tate.&i. decided to hit up a couple antique stores i have been dying to check out. often i feel like there are no really good antique stores in las vegas. so i did some diggin around. i found a few, so today we went on the adventure. first we hit up the Antique Market which is on S. Eastern and Sunset Road. it was a fun area. i felt that the prices were a bit high. i loved the whole scene though. so many diverse types of antiques! we didn't find anything quite worth the price though.  there were some impressive collections of records that i personally was *jealous* of. here's some photos.

~after we started to our next destination. along the way we saw a little restaurant (remember we are in the more ghetto part of LV) called Las Pupusas, Tate gave a squeal and made us go in. We got some very delicious Platinos (Bananas) and Empanadas for an appetizer. Then we got pupusas for lunch and i got a tostada. everything was very good. we all laughed at how most people in their right mind would never EVER walk into this  El Salvadorian place being as white as our family is. haha. i guess us Litchfield's are abnormally adventurous!

after the very filling lunch we headed to the Gypsy Den. I was so excited when we came up into this area. (213 E. Colorado) the whole area is so artistic and fun. I could tell we were coming up on a total success. and it certainly was. The rustic, charming, and thrifty stores will help bring out the gypsy nature in practically anyone. The store isnt very big, but there is a lot of very interesting, retro things to check out. i loved it! i will certainly come back, that is for sure. oh! katie (the owner) is a very kind lady and is totally willing to talk down prices and give you a good deal. i ended up getting a cute acid washed jean jacket for only $20. I am thinking about studding it on my own. :)  here are some fun pictures of the Gypsy Den, and surrounding Antique finds.


 <--- we even got a toilet picture to help my dad keep up his blog while he is on his business trip! love and miss you dad!

 hope you had your own adventure today, sure know i did! go visit some of these stores when you are in the area! worth it!
enjoy xoxo robs 


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

child at play.

i heart summertime.
today i had the day off "WHOOP WHOOP". so i got to do lots of things i love. sleep. chat with friends. laugh. a lot. laugh. some more. babysit. laundry (okay, i dont love laundry..). swim. paint. shop. and. talk some more. So basically today was great. I had a blast swimming and giggling with my best friend (who happens to be over 16 years younger than me) ELI. so fun having tate there to play with us. hes a cutie, and his brother is just as cute also! Little Liam and Mochi had a blast playing with one another, and it was one of the cutest things ever to watch. After babysitting, mom. tate. and i. went to Town Square to shop. Hit up a great sale at the GAP. Stay tune tomorrow for my great buy. Here are some ((polaroid shots)) the day. you can totally tell which is my favorite....  by the way, my impossible film for my one 600 has turned out to be complete junk. I end up having to photoshop them... Makes me mad. Whatever though! Sleep tight. xoxo Robs

 P.S. I totally love this kid ^ talk about fearless.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


 sorry i am so late to posting. this week has been a bit hectic. and i feel like nothing super exciting has happened. but here are a few of my thoughts. enjoy!

there is nothing better than a cat in raybans.
total ice cream spillage. 
this guy... is a crack up.
i got lucky this week, my dad decided he needed a new laptop. which means ***cahhhchinngg** for this little girly. i inherited his old macbook pro. i am in complete bliss. typing on it currently :) 

i got a new mac for school... and completely i am happy.
ending my night on a high note. i am obsessed with Dance Moms.
xoxo. love robs

Saturday, July 21, 2012

the perks.

fun stuff.

sometimes i think my job totally bites. others, not so much. today i liked my job. because i comes with some really enjoyable and kind people. my good old pal Ernie hooked me up with some Jabbawockeez tickets for me and three people of my choice. since friends are so over-rated, i decided to bring the fam. Ernie HOOKED us up big time! we got some wicked seats and were right up front. We avoided any eye contact when they were choosing people from the audience, and did not humiliate ourselves publicly! Thank goodness. Although i would really like to see my dad do some of those dance moves one day. **fingers crossed** it was a really enjoyable show! I'm glad i got a chance to see it, thanks Ernie! Here is a little glimpse of the fun. 

blessed with good looks... check!

xoxo. robs.
P.S. I have decided that both my brother and father are incredibly annoying :) it is jabbawockeez, not jabberwakeeerz, or jabberwockie. get it right!! i love you.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

{ a hair (must) do }

i am really taking a liking to this cute new hair style i tested out the other day, these pictures are a bit late. But better late than never, eh? its super easy to do. 
1. just use a regular black head band, preferably plain, i like the medium width ones. 
2. put it around the top of your head, just before your hair line ends.
3.  make sure your hair is slightly curly, or even a natural wave.
4. take a piece from the front of your hair on one side of your part, and tuck it under and through the hair band.
5. take another piece, tuck under and through. repeat as many times as you like.
6. now switch to the opposite side, and redo the steps.

note to you: looks best with middle parts, rather than side parts. and it is a super easy, and quick way to spice your look up!

surprise kisses = wonderful.
P.S. this lady right here is seriously my best friend. try and convince me she is not the most incredible mom ever, go ahead and try. 

xoxo robs

--feeling faint--

have you ever heard of a cortisone shot? i sure hope you never have. so i thought i was a pretty brave girl. not scared of most things. pretty adventurous. i think i may have over-estimated my strength. i am certainly a weakling when it comes to needles. OH MY LANTA. i got a cortisone shot in my knee today in order to help figure out what is wrong with me (( as if that's possible.. haha.)) well lets just say the results were not good. Tate said " you turned white as a sheet of paper, I've never seen you that white before." then the doctor told me to walk around the room... that didn't work very well... almost fainted. i learned a very good lesson today. dont watch. don't ever watch. like when they say "don't look down....." don't be the stupid one that looks down to your death. the same goes for injecting abnormal things into your knees. the end. lesson learned. will not repeat.

birthday boy.

Today is Thursday. Thursday is today. Do you know what happens on Thursday, people grow older. One person in particular. That one boy. That boy that is my brother. That boy that came to town today. That boy named Tate. Whoohoo. Today Tate is 23. Tate is the birthday boy today. I love birthdays. Hopefully he had a wonderful day... Here are some cute polaroids to honor tate. New polaroids... some failed... actually MANY failed. I was not pleasant when i saw this happening (angry robyn.) But happy birthday Tate, I couldn't have asked for a better oldest brother! MUAH! xoxolove, roby.

Mochi likes birthdays too!

Curse the cat.

You all know how much a stinking love my kitten right? Mochi is my life, love her... Hence the first picture. She's. Too. Cute. **kittenkisses** she also loves to push things off the table. I think she must enjoy watchig them fall. Our whole family thought it was the cutest thing on the planet, until last night. Oh last night. She decided to push one of my favorite most expensive things off the table.... My iPhone! Da. Da. Daaaaaa. ((the terror music that played in my head when I saw my iPhone laying on the phone and Mochi with her pay out on the table above)). She may be cute. But she is so in trouble.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lazy love.

When you get up at 5:45 every morning to get to work at 6:00, you start to get lazy! And since I work in the food industry I always have to have my hair up. So cute neat and no stray away updos are really difficult to find. This bun has become my favorite (: it is a simple "ballet" bun. I put my hair into a high pony, seperate the pony in have. Take a curling iron to curl the hair under (or just bunch it under without a curling iron), then you stretch and spread it across half of the pony , and pin as you go. Then you repeat it to the other side. So easy. 5 minutes. Then off to work.

I also think I need a box of these bandages, they are so stinkin cute. And way better than telling everyone that I cut my finger with a knife at work (happens often to this klutz)!

i graduated?

so i guess i graduated. i didn't attend the ceremony.. i know, so hipster of me. but i still graduated. and i officially have proof. guess what just arrived. that official diploma! whoot.whoot. so i guess now i actually have to start to try and act grown up? ugh. well... i think that can wait. i had my two buddies sarah and celina over today. they are way too much fun. a casual trip to target in our pajamas made for an instax moment i had to capture. cheers to those friends you have had since forever. 7th grade and going strong. love them.
<---- here's a photo of the fun i was having while everyone else was       being traditional and having a three hour long   ceremony... so worth missing. i miss hawaii.

 <---- our version of aerobics in the target parking lot!

love them. ------>
whoa there, better go change my facebook status... graduated.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My mini superheroes.

I teach primary. I love it. My kids make me smile, laugh, frustrated, confused, and excited all at the same time. Today our lesson was on choosing the right. The lesson plan was seriously so boring so I thought of my own take. Who is someone who always does the right thing? Well, superman of course. So we made "Super Righteous" capes today. It was so funny. Little Carter turned to me and said "when people ask why I have a cape, im not telling them that it's because I'm super righteous. I'm telling them that I'm just super. Because I am. " <-- these kids I swear. They thought it was the coolest thing ever. When class ended I saw all of them swiftly running down the halls saying "watch out, super righteous coming through". It was hilarious. So here an idea for all you primary teachers, or even for a FHE or just activity. So fun, so easy, so great!

.. I also finished City of Glass today. WONDERFUL ENDING, I loved it.
...the sky was beautiful today, after a rainy weekend, the clouds were flawless so I just had to capture the view. Hopefully it stays this pretty so in the morning when I'm up at 5 I can see a magestic sunrise!
Hope you had a happy SUNDAY! Remember your family! I know I am! So blessed. Love them. xoxo robs

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Anyone who is ANYONE has a polaroid camera... if you don't, you need to join the squad. to help ya out, sweet allison is having a giveaway! i love free things, and so does every other insane human being. so follow her direction... and begin to take a shot at winning this cute Polaroid One 600!
- if you don't win, buy one... and then visit www. the-impossible-project for a good deal on film! hollah!

a little thing called love.

a little thing called love. everyone thinks love is all sappy goodness, i totally agree in some areas of course. but love is much more. today i learned that love is so stinking cute. my mom just got home today, so i was super excited to spend all night with her. but no. love is missing someone lots, and planning a cute return date well in advance. thats what my dad did. 
-- tonight while my mom laid in bed ready to sleep while my dad watched the Tour de France ( big surprise?) , she made a statement that just struck me as something i hope i say one day. 

"hey reid, make sure if i fall asleep with my glasses on, you take them off for me" BAHA. i know it sounds funny and giggly, but i really loved it. After a cute laugh i told her i was going to blog that. She was appalled ( hopefully she isn't currently!) but the reason i loved it so much is they inspire me to fall in love with my best friend, someone who won't laugh when they see you passed out with your glasses crooked because they simply love you. ah, i just love love! you two are precious, ma and pa~ love you! looking forward to having someone to insure the safety of my glasses frames :)

..good riddance, good reads..

It is official. I am officially OBSESSED with a new series of books i have discovered. They are called the Mortal Instrument books. Talk about a complete addiction. I have never been a very huge reader, it takes a lot for me to be infatuated with a novel. This series has all the qualities it takes for me to be in love. hard. devoted. I find myself ignoring my One Tree Hill addiction just to read. < i know.. totally not natural :) >  The Mortal Instrument Series encompasses five thrill seeking, love capturing , artistically beautiful books. I totally loved The Hunger Games series, and this is similar in many ways. Different Ideas, but the same mind set. I don;t know which I love more, but they were both INCREDIBLE. If you liked hunger games, it is a MUST READ.
~The Novel is based on a young girl Clary, who finds out that her life is nothing that she imagined. She finds herself belonging to world she didn't even know existed, a world where Warlocks, Demons, Vampires, and even Werewolves exist. She is a Shadowhunter. (and i am completely jealous.) The Novel has bits of violence, adventure, thrill, and even unexpected romance. 

and best of all...The Movie is coming out in 2013. so in other words... GET READING, so you can be one of the popular kids that can say "oh i was obsessed with that book before you even knew about it!"  (**snob statement**).

SO here is the link to see who is playing what character! if you have read the books and have any opinions or such i want to hear and discuss. I'm really sad that the character of Valentine hasn't been listed but i think that someone like Jason Isaacs or Thomas Gibson would be great choices. I have someone who agrees too! check out her choices, love her choice Emma Stone for Clary or I think a red haired (natural looking) Kristen Prout! 

here are some of the official actresses and actors:


Friday, July 13, 2012

i don't care, i love it.

when creativity defines you.
So i woke up this early to meet with my boss Chris at Bread and Butter to go down to his new restaurant that is opening in August. He wanted me to help him to paint a few things in his resturatnt and such, thinking it would be good money i said yes! So we started to discuss a few little things, and then all of a sudden he asked me a big question! wait for it........ He asked me to design the women's and men's bathroom for him! i was super excited and the minute i saw the rooms, ideas flooded into my head. such a great oppurtunity! happy day. After working every single day this week, working overtime, and dealing with crazy customers; it was JUST what i needed! so progress on that will be posted occasionally! other than that i had a great date night with my dad, sushi and silly talk. we ended the day on a high note with a beautiful rainbow covering our dreary calm sky. i love vegas when it is raining. 
getting excited to evolve in paris.
so lovely. 

-- all day at work i had this song stuck in my head, but i had NO clue what it was. I looked for about 30 minutes trying to find it when i realized, Ty always knows what songs i like! SO after one quick text my mind was satisfied! hope you enjoy the song. it gets stuck, but so worth it.
P.S. My schedule is insane tomorrow so sorry if i don't get a chance to post! my apologies in advance! xoxo robs