Wednesday, July 18, 2012

i graduated?

so i guess i graduated. i didn't attend the ceremony.. i know, so hipster of me. but i still graduated. and i officially have proof. guess what just arrived. that official diploma! whoot.whoot. so i guess now i actually have to start to try and act grown up? ugh. well... i think that can wait. i had my two buddies sarah and celina over today. they are way too much fun. a casual trip to target in our pajamas made for an instax moment i had to capture. cheers to those friends you have had since forever. 7th grade and going strong. love them.
<---- here's a photo of the fun i was having while everyone else was       being traditional and having a three hour long   ceremony... so worth missing. i miss hawaii.

 <---- our version of aerobics in the target parking lot!

love them. ------>
whoa there, better go change my facebook status... graduated.

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