Friday, July 13, 2012

i don't care, i love it.

when creativity defines you.
So i woke up this early to meet with my boss Chris at Bread and Butter to go down to his new restaurant that is opening in August. He wanted me to help him to paint a few things in his resturatnt and such, thinking it would be good money i said yes! So we started to discuss a few little things, and then all of a sudden he asked me a big question! wait for it........ He asked me to design the women's and men's bathroom for him! i was super excited and the minute i saw the rooms, ideas flooded into my head. such a great oppurtunity! happy day. After working every single day this week, working overtime, and dealing with crazy customers; it was JUST what i needed! so progress on that will be posted occasionally! other than that i had a great date night with my dad, sushi and silly talk. we ended the day on a high note with a beautiful rainbow covering our dreary calm sky. i love vegas when it is raining. 
getting excited to evolve in paris.
so lovely. 

-- all day at work i had this song stuck in my head, but i had NO clue what it was. I looked for about 30 minutes trying to find it when i realized, Ty always knows what songs i like! SO after one quick text my mind was satisfied! hope you enjoy the song. it gets stuck, but so worth it.
P.S. My schedule is insane tomorrow so sorry if i don't get a chance to post! my apologies in advance! xoxo robs