Wednesday, July 25, 2012

child at play.

i heart summertime.
today i had the day off "WHOOP WHOOP". so i got to do lots of things i love. sleep. chat with friends. laugh. a lot. laugh. some more. babysit. laundry (okay, i dont love laundry..). swim. paint. shop. and. talk some more. So basically today was great. I had a blast swimming and giggling with my best friend (who happens to be over 16 years younger than me) ELI. so fun having tate there to play with us. hes a cutie, and his brother is just as cute also! Little Liam and Mochi had a blast playing with one another, and it was one of the cutest things ever to watch. After babysitting, mom. tate. and i. went to Town Square to shop. Hit up a great sale at the GAP. Stay tune tomorrow for my great buy. Here are some ((polaroid shots)) the day. you can totally tell which is my favorite....  by the way, my impossible film for my one 600 has turned out to be complete junk. I end up having to photoshop them... Makes me mad. Whatever though! Sleep tight. xoxo Robs

 P.S. I totally love this kid ^ talk about fearless.

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