Thursday, July 19, 2012

birthday boy.

Today is Thursday. Thursday is today. Do you know what happens on Thursday, people grow older. One person in particular. That one boy. That boy that is my brother. That boy that came to town today. That boy named Tate. Whoohoo. Today Tate is 23. Tate is the birthday boy today. I love birthdays. Hopefully he had a wonderful day... Here are some cute polaroids to honor tate. New polaroids... some failed... actually MANY failed. I was not pleasant when i saw this happening (angry robyn.) But happy birthday Tate, I couldn't have asked for a better oldest brother! MUAH! xoxolove, roby.

Mochi likes birthdays too!

1 comment:

  1. Woohooo happy birthday to tate! Geez, he's getting old. Looks like you're having a fun time! I literally laughed out loud when you texted that first picture to me. And I actually really like the effect of the last polaroid... I don't think it's a fail at all!