Wednesday, July 11, 2012

**Newsprint Nails**

So I love the whole new trend of artistic nails! It's so fun working cash register at Bread & Butter and seeing so many ladies with so many fun ideas! Well my current obsession is the Newsprint nails... Here's how it goes!

White polish
Clear polish
Rubbing alcohol

1. Paint your nails with white polish ( or any color really) and let them dry COMPLETELY!
2. Cut pieces of newspaper , small pieces.
3. Dip one dried nail into a small bowl of rubbing alcohol and while still wet, press the newspaper rightside down on your nail. Press hard, hold for two seconds, then release.
4. If you would like to add more newsprint then just press again, do not re-dip.
5. Paint top coat.

P.S. keep in mind that words will appear backwards on your nails! They are still WAY TOO CUTE! Adorable!

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