Friday, July 27, 2012


today i had another day off! so mom.tate.&i. decided to hit up a couple antique stores i have been dying to check out. often i feel like there are no really good antique stores in las vegas. so i did some diggin around. i found a few, so today we went on the adventure. first we hit up the Antique Market which is on S. Eastern and Sunset Road. it was a fun area. i felt that the prices were a bit high. i loved the whole scene though. so many diverse types of antiques! we didn't find anything quite worth the price though.  there were some impressive collections of records that i personally was *jealous* of. here's some photos.

~after we started to our next destination. along the way we saw a little restaurant (remember we are in the more ghetto part of LV) called Las Pupusas, Tate gave a squeal and made us go in. We got some very delicious Platinos (Bananas) and Empanadas for an appetizer. Then we got pupusas for lunch and i got a tostada. everything was very good. we all laughed at how most people in their right mind would never EVER walk into this  El Salvadorian place being as white as our family is. haha. i guess us Litchfield's are abnormally adventurous!

after the very filling lunch we headed to the Gypsy Den. I was so excited when we came up into this area. (213 E. Colorado) the whole area is so artistic and fun. I could tell we were coming up on a total success. and it certainly was. The rustic, charming, and thrifty stores will help bring out the gypsy nature in practically anyone. The store isnt very big, but there is a lot of very interesting, retro things to check out. i loved it! i will certainly come back, that is for sure. oh! katie (the owner) is a very kind lady and is totally willing to talk down prices and give you a good deal. i ended up getting a cute acid washed jean jacket for only $20. I am thinking about studding it on my own. :)  here are some fun pictures of the Gypsy Den, and surrounding Antique finds.


 <--- we even got a toilet picture to help my dad keep up his blog while he is on his business trip! love and miss you dad!

 hope you had your own adventure today, sure know i did! go visit some of these stores when you are in the area! worth it!
enjoy xoxo robs 


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