Monday, July 9, 2012

--oh canada--

Canada turned out to be a complete success! i loved every second of it! as you can see, since i haven't stopped talking about it! hahah so sad! but here is a bit of a glimpse of my vacation... which was once again, fantabulous.

1. I got to see so many family members that i never get to see! it was great catching up! here is my favorite photo of all time. My dad (fierce) and Uncle Brad (funky)

 2. My cousin-in-law Rob (yes, he stole my name) took us out to go river rafting it was so fun. The water was near death cold, when i floated down the river i thought i was for sure dead. After we met up with the others, Me (middle), Ivy (right), and Sophie (left) became best friends.

Try and tell me he isn't the cutest cotton candy man!

 3. Visiting Grandpa Litchfield, who is 93 years old, is always super fun. It is sometimes hard to make him giggle. But it was not hard when i put on his muskrat hat, he was smiling away. Sweet moment captured. 

4. At the Stampede (Canada Day Week-Long Festival)we made time ego stop for a quick photo shoot while looking cowgirl-ish, and line- dancing our way through the many stands, and fun rides! Definitely a fun experience. Trying all sorts of goodies; 
pretzel corn dog, deep fried kool-aid, funnel cake, and spuds with gravy. YUMMY!

5. Miss Jane and I had a lot of fun squirting the local bunnies with a squirt gun - Dad's idea!

The new motto i live by. Regina Spektor. Inspired.

 canola seed fields are... flipping' hair fun!

Happy Be-Lated Canada Day! And Happy Be-Lated Fourth of July! xoxo Robs



  1. what adorable photos! stop by darling x


  2. These photos are great. Especially the ones in that canola field. hahah that first one of your dad is awesome. Looks like you had a fun time in Canada!!

    p.s. newest follower over here. so excited :)