Saturday, July 14, 2012

..good riddance, good reads..

It is official. I am officially OBSESSED with a new series of books i have discovered. They are called the Mortal Instrument books. Talk about a complete addiction. I have never been a very huge reader, it takes a lot for me to be infatuated with a novel. This series has all the qualities it takes for me to be in love. hard. devoted. I find myself ignoring my One Tree Hill addiction just to read. < i know.. totally not natural :) >  The Mortal Instrument Series encompasses five thrill seeking, love capturing , artistically beautiful books. I totally loved The Hunger Games series, and this is similar in many ways. Different Ideas, but the same mind set. I don;t know which I love more, but they were both INCREDIBLE. If you liked hunger games, it is a MUST READ.
~The Novel is based on a young girl Clary, who finds out that her life is nothing that she imagined. She finds herself belonging to world she didn't even know existed, a world where Warlocks, Demons, Vampires, and even Werewolves exist. She is a Shadowhunter. (and i am completely jealous.) The Novel has bits of violence, adventure, thrill, and even unexpected romance. 

and best of all...The Movie is coming out in 2013. so in other words... GET READING, so you can be one of the popular kids that can say "oh i was obsessed with that book before you even knew about it!"  (**snob statement**).

SO here is the link to see who is playing what character! if you have read the books and have any opinions or such i want to hear and discuss. I'm really sad that the character of Valentine hasn't been listed but i think that someone like Jason Isaacs or Thomas Gibson would be great choices. I have someone who agrees too! check out her choices, love her choice Emma Stone for Clary or I think a red haired (natural looking) Kristen Prout! 

here are some of the official actresses and actors:


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  1. Thanks for sharing this series with me. Looks interesting. I love it when a book can grab your attention like that!

    I still need to read the Hunger Games too. I just watched the movie, and I'm sure the book is even better.