Sunday, July 15, 2012

My mini superheroes.

I teach primary. I love it. My kids make me smile, laugh, frustrated, confused, and excited all at the same time. Today our lesson was on choosing the right. The lesson plan was seriously so boring so I thought of my own take. Who is someone who always does the right thing? Well, superman of course. So we made "Super Righteous" capes today. It was so funny. Little Carter turned to me and said "when people ask why I have a cape, im not telling them that it's because I'm super righteous. I'm telling them that I'm just super. Because I am. " <-- these kids I swear. They thought it was the coolest thing ever. When class ended I saw all of them swiftly running down the halls saying "watch out, super righteous coming through". It was hilarious. So here an idea for all you primary teachers, or even for a FHE or just activity. So fun, so easy, so great!

.. I also finished City of Glass today. WONDERFUL ENDING, I loved it.
...the sky was beautiful today, after a rainy weekend, the clouds were flawless so I just had to capture the view. Hopefully it stays this pretty so in the morning when I'm up at 5 I can see a magestic sunrise!
Hope you had a happy SUNDAY! Remember your family! I know I am! So blessed. Love them. xoxo robs


  1. primary! i was once the sunbeam teacher, best calling everrrrr. i miss those little kids, the one thing i don't like about the singles ward.

    1. awh, i just love these kiddies. i bet you were a fun teacher! i will miss the primary once i get to idaho's single ward. so sad! cute blog btw, following yours!!!!