Thursday, July 19, 2012

--feeling faint--

have you ever heard of a cortisone shot? i sure hope you never have. so i thought i was a pretty brave girl. not scared of most things. pretty adventurous. i think i may have over-estimated my strength. i am certainly a weakling when it comes to needles. OH MY LANTA. i got a cortisone shot in my knee today in order to help figure out what is wrong with me (( as if that's possible.. haha.)) well lets just say the results were not good. Tate said " you turned white as a sheet of paper, I've never seen you that white before." then the doctor told me to walk around the room... that didn't work very well... almost fainted. i learned a very good lesson today. dont watch. don't ever watch. like when they say "don't look down....." don't be the stupid one that looks down to your death. the same goes for injecting abnormal things into your knees. the end. lesson learned. will not repeat.


  1. Haha nope, I've never heard of a cortisone shot. And I'm glad I haven't! I hope the pain's gone away.... and your normal skin tone is back haha. Is that the duotone app or what?! I love the way it looks.

    1. yeah its that one you told me about, duomatic. i love it. but yeah I'm back to my color... just kinda hurts still! hopefully after the pain goes away i will be healed :)