Thursday, July 19, 2012

{ a hair (must) do }

i am really taking a liking to this cute new hair style i tested out the other day, these pictures are a bit late. But better late than never, eh? its super easy to do. 
1. just use a regular black head band, preferably plain, i like the medium width ones. 
2. put it around the top of your head, just before your hair line ends.
3.  make sure your hair is slightly curly, or even a natural wave.
4. take a piece from the front of your hair on one side of your part, and tuck it under and through the hair band.
5. take another piece, tuck under and through. repeat as many times as you like.
6. now switch to the opposite side, and redo the steps.

note to you: looks best with middle parts, rather than side parts. and it is a super easy, and quick way to spice your look up!

surprise kisses = wonderful.
P.S. this lady right here is seriously my best friend. try and convince me she is not the most incredible mom ever, go ahead and try. 

xoxo robs


  1. Awww :) Surprise kisses are the best :)


    1. yes they sure are. thanks for the comment. i followed your blog... so cute. :)

  2. Love the hair-do. Are you wearing a headband with it too? Looks great!

    1. yes, you wrap your hair around the headband! you can only really see the headband a little. so cute, i love it!!!!