Wednesday, November 13, 2013

as of lately.

as of lately, i have been loving life with short hair. who knew it could make everything more exciting and fun! i think everyone should cut their hair. don't be chicken... take a risk! i promise you will not regret it! xoxo robs

long overdue.

So, I know that these are long overdue... but I thought you would love them anyways, because I sure do! Here are a few of my favorite photos from our Las Vegas LDS Temple Wedding. It was definitely a day to remember. 


Photos: Heather Nan Photography

Friday, June 7, 2013

proud sister.

so yesterday i got the chance to see tate race in a really wonderful crit. let's just say the proud little sister in me was loud as can be! me and dylan were the only ones there rooting tate on, so we had the chance to be screamers. and that is exactly what we did. it was fun because dylan has this manly deep holler, and then you have me... who is like a high pitched bumble bee that never shuts up. i tried not to distract tate, but sometimes i wonder. haha. we got some awesome footage, and tate came out in first place. he lapped all the other competitors besides one, with over a 60 second time gap. that is pretty incredible if you as me! the whole time, the coordinator of the race was simply raving about tate and his strength... it was funny eavesdropping on his compliments. well dylan & i finished off the day with a movie. so grateful for a boy that supports my family and accompanies me on my adventures!

finish line photo. 

never looking at the camera. 

a chance to wear these gems i bought in italy? hooray!

i got super lucky to have these boys. 

this goon hates my constant photo taking. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

inspiration lately.



here is a little bit of my inspiration as of lately. loving the geometric shapes, sunny beach photos, smiling animals, and romantic prints. hope this excites your inspire, also!
xoxo robs

green thumbs.

over memorial weekend, me and my sister-in-law decided to go cacti shopping. we both got ourself a variety of cacti and succulents, along with some adorable pots to tie in a bit of our personalities. who knew planting could so fun? it was fun to see which cacti we both choose and how different, yet similar they are! oh how i love having a new sister to do these things with! heres a little glimpse of our weekend. hope you enjoy.
p.s. if you don't hear anything about the cacti in the next couple weeks, i have probably already killed it. 
xoxo robs

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

london: according to film.

That's all for London....
xoxo robs

i see london.

oh me oh my. how fun is it reminiscing on the best four weeks ever? take me back to europe please! i think the best way to show your love for a country is through your photos. so here you all go. london in a nutshell.

highlights of london:
1) The Roy Lichtenstein gallery at the Tate Modern Museum
2) Fish and Chips
3) Les Miserables the musical on broadway
4) eating lunch in a crypt under Saint Martin's in the Fields
5) The Arnolfini Portrait by van eyck in the National Gallery

hope you enjoyed a little taste of london from my eyes.
xoxo robs


so as you all know, i have been abroad for the past month or so. this post is pretty late.... so sorry! i am gonna give you a little tease of Europe to make up for my lack of posting. expect some super awesome post in the next couple days. here are a few of my favorite photos from europe.
p.s. i had a super awesome weekend in vegas this past memorial day, looking forward to sharing some cute photos.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

a smashing success.

so... the week is going by quickly, and finals are rushing up. 
i am moving out of my apartment and into a new one.
packing for study abroad, seattle, and vegas- all at once- in three seperate suitcases. 
and of course... studying. 
i have little to no time to blog, so this next couple weeks are gonna be pretty lame.
sorry in advance. 
one final down and four more to, but i am hoping that time will be on my side.
in the mean time..
just wanted to tell you all about something that i cannot keep my mind off of. 
my new smash book. 
these are fairly new, and very fun. 
i got one from my roommate for easter- and can i just say, OBSESSED.
i have completed two pages, but have many to go. 
here is a video about smash and what these books are for. 
everyone should get one and update me on their cute new page designs!
looking forward to my brother's wedding and can't wait to take photos to smash into my new book! 
xoxo robs
(check out my first two pages on my IG account- @robynmalia)

Monday, April 1, 2013

the siblings.

so i know i already posted about easter.
but honestly.... i am still obsessing over the past weekend.
so here are two more photos that are sure to make you giggle.
my second brother ty was not able to make it this weekend,
so we took some silly photos of us for him.
who knew that another camera would catch us in the act.
so here you go.
tate & robs.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

easter: our way

i got to spend the weekend with a bunch of family in lava, idaho.
my family loves the easter holiday more than most. 
we always spend easter with weeks full of tradition and memories. 
this year we had two additions to our tradition: allison & dylan
we spent the weekend at the school house inn- which is exactly what it says.
an old school house- gym and all- shaped into a make shift inn.
it was not luxurious but it was way fun. 
we kicked off easter with some dying of eggs, and of course food.
"I like your family because all you do is eat" -Dylan. 
we had a blast just being around great people. 
 i am sure there is no better way to spend easter than with the people i love most. 
hope the rest of you had a great easter, and took time to remember its true meaning. 
he is risen. 

neon easter eggs. gimme gimme.

lava hot springs with dylan. (he's super hot)

post-swimming (square-shaped) ice cream cones. 

so happy this hunk came with me. 

happy easter everyone. 

xoxo robs

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

date night.

so we went out for a date night.
we went to gringo's,
a little sit down mexican restaurant. 
we had a blast just talking and such. 
little did dylan know...
i had brought two cameras.
sneaky me. 
i finished off the shots on my diana mini,
and got some really cute ones. 
here are my favorites. 

gotta love film. 
never paying attention. 

 with this, i am obsessed.

shot any good film lately?
xoxo robs.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

vegas, baby.

so i got to head home for the past weekend, as most of you know. 
and i brought along with me, some stragglers. 
| wendy | an adorable blonde recently converted to the brunette lifestyle 
| dylan | my cute boyfriend, who recently discovered that cats aren't that bad; after meeting mine. 
after a crazy hectic day at the bridal shower, we headed out for a fun night on the strip. we found ourself mesmerized by the lights and glitz. but soon realized that the drinking, risque, and boisterous nature of the strip is not our style- so we headed home and ended the day with some night swimming. 
the weekend was a blast. i am so blessed to have the family i have.  thank you for everyone who helped with the bridal shower, too! 
 acting like a normal cute couple at the bellagio....
stopping the act, and being weird. 

xoxo robs