Tuesday, March 12, 2013

vegas, baby.

so i got to head home for the past weekend, as most of you know. 
and i brought along with me, some stragglers. 
| wendy | an adorable blonde recently converted to the brunette lifestyle 
| dylan | my cute boyfriend, who recently discovered that cats aren't that bad; after meeting mine. 
after a crazy hectic day at the bridal shower, we headed out for a fun night on the strip. we found ourself mesmerized by the lights and glitz. but soon realized that the drinking, risque, and boisterous nature of the strip is not our style- so we headed home and ended the day with some night swimming. 
the weekend was a blast. i am so blessed to have the family i have.  thank you for everyone who helped with the bridal shower, too! 
 acting like a normal cute couple at the bellagio....
stopping the act, and being weird. 

xoxo robs

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