Sunday, March 31, 2013

easter: our way

i got to spend the weekend with a bunch of family in lava, idaho.
my family loves the easter holiday more than most. 
we always spend easter with weeks full of tradition and memories. 
this year we had two additions to our tradition: allison & dylan
we spent the weekend at the school house inn- which is exactly what it says.
an old school house- gym and all- shaped into a make shift inn.
it was not luxurious but it was way fun. 
we kicked off easter with some dying of eggs, and of course food.
"I like your family because all you do is eat" -Dylan. 
we had a blast just being around great people. 
 i am sure there is no better way to spend easter than with the people i love most. 
hope the rest of you had a great easter, and took time to remember its true meaning. 
he is risen. 

neon easter eggs. gimme gimme.

lava hot springs with dylan. (he's super hot)

post-swimming (square-shaped) ice cream cones. 

so happy this hunk came with me. 

happy easter everyone. 

xoxo robs

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