Tuesday, March 12, 2013

shower me with love.

so last weekend i put on a shower for my upcoming sister-in-law
i was mostly in charge of decoration, games, and entertainment.
i was pretty worried and stressed- but it all turned out beautifully.
a butt-load of people showed up & allison was the talk of the town. 
she got so many great gifts including: 
lingerie, a pistachio colored kitchen aid, a complete dish set, knives, a dyson vacuum, etc. 
lets just say, she totally scored!!
all the guests left with an adorable bottle of essie nail polish (shades of her wedding colors) 
& huge smiles on their faces. 
the day was filled with loves & hugs, and simply pure bliss. 
i can't wait for the wedding to roll around. 
so here are a few glimpses of the event:

allie's colors are a light mint, light pink, and cream- so we tried to give her shower a dainty feel. 
this door hanging greeted the guest as they entered.

for all you LDS girlies out there: this chalkboard saying was a total hit!
and didn't the bride-to-be just look adorable?

so upon entering guests got both a red-headed mustache (since tate is a ginger) and some pink lips
to represent the bride. i also made these cute print outs-as a gift to allie, so everyone could get to know her and tate. 

this was one of my favorite decorations. we seemed to really love all the banners as decorations. also- our bridal shower games were a total hit!

wish you could have been there. but if not, hope you enjoyed the fun photos. 
xoxo robs

P.S. thank you paige- allison's sister, for lots of these fun photos while i was hosting!


  1. I didn't know you have a blog! Yay! Consider me your newest fan/follower ;)