Sunday, March 31, 2013

easter: our way

i got to spend the weekend with a bunch of family in lava, idaho.
my family loves the easter holiday more than most. 
we always spend easter with weeks full of tradition and memories. 
this year we had two additions to our tradition: allison & dylan
we spent the weekend at the school house inn- which is exactly what it says.
an old school house- gym and all- shaped into a make shift inn.
it was not luxurious but it was way fun. 
we kicked off easter with some dying of eggs, and of course food.
"I like your family because all you do is eat" -Dylan. 
we had a blast just being around great people. 
 i am sure there is no better way to spend easter than with the people i love most. 
hope the rest of you had a great easter, and took time to remember its true meaning. 
he is risen. 

neon easter eggs. gimme gimme.

lava hot springs with dylan. (he's super hot)

post-swimming (square-shaped) ice cream cones. 

so happy this hunk came with me. 

happy easter everyone. 

xoxo robs

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

date night.

so we went out for a date night.
we went to gringo's,
a little sit down mexican restaurant. 
we had a blast just talking and such. 
little did dylan know...
i had brought two cameras.
sneaky me. 
i finished off the shots on my diana mini,
and got some really cute ones. 
here are my favorites. 

gotta love film. 
never paying attention. 

 with this, i am obsessed.

shot any good film lately?
xoxo robs.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

vegas, baby.

so i got to head home for the past weekend, as most of you know. 
and i brought along with me, some stragglers. 
| wendy | an adorable blonde recently converted to the brunette lifestyle 
| dylan | my cute boyfriend, who recently discovered that cats aren't that bad; after meeting mine. 
after a crazy hectic day at the bridal shower, we headed out for a fun night on the strip. we found ourself mesmerized by the lights and glitz. but soon realized that the drinking, risque, and boisterous nature of the strip is not our style- so we headed home and ended the day with some night swimming. 
the weekend was a blast. i am so blessed to have the family i have.  thank you for everyone who helped with the bridal shower, too! 
 acting like a normal cute couple at the bellagio....
stopping the act, and being weird. 

xoxo robs

shower me with love.

so last weekend i put on a shower for my upcoming sister-in-law
i was mostly in charge of decoration, games, and entertainment.
i was pretty worried and stressed- but it all turned out beautifully.
a butt-load of people showed up & allison was the talk of the town. 
she got so many great gifts including: 
lingerie, a pistachio colored kitchen aid, a complete dish set, knives, a dyson vacuum, etc. 
lets just say, she totally scored!!
all the guests left with an adorable bottle of essie nail polish (shades of her wedding colors) 
& huge smiles on their faces. 
the day was filled with loves & hugs, and simply pure bliss. 
i can't wait for the wedding to roll around. 
so here are a few glimpses of the event:

allie's colors are a light mint, light pink, and cream- so we tried to give her shower a dainty feel. 
this door hanging greeted the guest as they entered.

for all you LDS girlies out there: this chalkboard saying was a total hit!
and didn't the bride-to-be just look adorable?

so upon entering guests got both a red-headed mustache (since tate is a ginger) and some pink lips
to represent the bride. i also made these cute print outs-as a gift to allie, so everyone could get to know her and tate. 

this was one of my favorite decorations. we seemed to really love all the banners as decorations. also- our bridal shower games were a total hit!

wish you could have been there. but if not, hope you enjoyed the fun photos. 
xoxo robs

P.S. thank you paige- allison's sister, for lots of these fun photos while i was hosting!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

home, sweet, home.

so lately my day dreams have consisted of one thing.
i get to go back home for this weekend, 
and i am as excited as a bird with a french fry. 
i cant wait to see my cat & parents.
it will really be nice to get some sun for the weekend,
and enjoy the homey feeling of a place filled with love.
dylan and wendy are joining me in my weekend getaway,
and i can't think of two better people to bring. 
guess what? t-3 days til allison's bridal shower! 
can hardly wait.

xoxo robs