Wednesday, April 3, 2013

a smashing success.

so... the week is going by quickly, and finals are rushing up. 
i am moving out of my apartment and into a new one.
packing for study abroad, seattle, and vegas- all at once- in three seperate suitcases. 
and of course... studying. 
i have little to no time to blog, so this next couple weeks are gonna be pretty lame.
sorry in advance. 
one final down and four more to, but i am hoping that time will be on my side.
in the mean time..
just wanted to tell you all about something that i cannot keep my mind off of. 
my new smash book. 
these are fairly new, and very fun. 
i got one from my roommate for easter- and can i just say, OBSESSED.
i have completed two pages, but have many to go. 
here is a video about smash and what these books are for. 
everyone should get one and update me on their cute new page designs!
looking forward to my brother's wedding and can't wait to take photos to smash into my new book! 
xoxo robs
(check out my first two pages on my IG account- @robynmalia)


  1. how do I see you IG account?

  2. Cool blog! :)

    Kelly xx

  3. cool!
    good luck with all your million things to do :)