Friday, June 7, 2013

proud sister.

so yesterday i got the chance to see tate race in a really wonderful crit. let's just say the proud little sister in me was loud as can be! me and dylan were the only ones there rooting tate on, so we had the chance to be screamers. and that is exactly what we did. it was fun because dylan has this manly deep holler, and then you have me... who is like a high pitched bumble bee that never shuts up. i tried not to distract tate, but sometimes i wonder. haha. we got some awesome footage, and tate came out in first place. he lapped all the other competitors besides one, with over a 60 second time gap. that is pretty incredible if you as me! the whole time, the coordinator of the race was simply raving about tate and his strength... it was funny eavesdropping on his compliments. well dylan & i finished off the day with a movie. so grateful for a boy that supports my family and accompanies me on my adventures!

finish line photo. 

never looking at the camera. 

a chance to wear these gems i bought in italy? hooray!

i got super lucky to have these boys. 

this goon hates my constant photo taking. 


  1. Haha the last photo is so, so sweet! Congratulations to Tate, I think cycling looks very very dangerous!

    Lots of love

  2. Awesome finish-line photo: 'a clean set of wheels'. Love the last picture with Dylan getting his 'stunned banana' on. HaHa.

  3. Oh this is so nice! Great pictures.