Sunday, January 13, 2013

negative degrees.

a pretty good weekend for this girl right here! 
friday night was filled with "shoot em up" movies-- Jack Reacher,
chocolate covered strawberries, and a really cute boy. and instax photos in the snow. 
saturday was packed with the same boy, 
arcade games, mini golf, bowling, and cheesey pizzza. 
we had a great time just hanging out and getting to know friends better.
bryce offically wins the "class clown award"---
((exemplified in the photo below)).
finishing my sunday night with chili on rice
with three great people. 
allison, tate, and dylan. 
 can't the weekend continue on FOREVER? 

whatta cutie. 

this kid cracks me up!

this one is definitely going on my wall.

xoxo robs


  1. Lovely! I love love love instax photos!

    1. they are pretty much the greatest! I do love them, and now ive started to write the date and event in cursive at the bottom, and i really like it! a good record of memories.