Wednesday, November 7, 2012



super disappointed with the election, but even more disappointed that people won't just take it for what it is and move on. facebook is blowing up. its pretty ridiculous. had a crazy jam packed day today and have been out of the house from 8am- 3pm doing classes, tests, tutoring, hmwk, and so on. finally home. ready for more homework, and then hopefully an early nights rest. cant wait for this weekend's trip to see my brothers and mom in utah for tates race. got to skype allison and jill today, they make me smile. productive, happy day!
these two have seriously made the past couple weeks priceless.
we were sad after the election, so we ate our feelings. 

a friend found this cute kitten, she is at the humane society now :(

a photo from the american dance last weekend. so fun. 

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  1. Eating away your feelings is always a good idea Haha. And oh boy, that kitten is too precious!