Saturday, November 24, 2012

night life.

we've had an amazing time in vegas.
last night we explored the strip, 
and were awed (yet again) at the lights. 
it will be sad on sunday when we have to leave.
until then, lets live while we are young. 

xoxo robs


  1. i love these. (:
    never been to vegas, but it sure looks fun.

    also, what camera do you use?


  2. thanks! and i use a nikon d5100 :) i used the top ones on effect mode shot in black & white. I took the lighted photos with night scape mode. its a great camera and light too!
    but thanks for the comment!

  3. you're welcome!
    i'm going to scotland in may and i need to get a better camera than my point and shoot that i have now. i'll look it up. (: worth the money, you think?

  4. yes! also, if you want to play with your photos a little, i would definitely invest in the computer program, camerabag. you can get it for a Mac or PC. its an easier, quicker way to photoshop while on vacation. so easy and wonderful.

  5. oh, awesome. i have a mac so i'll download that asap.
    you're the best.
    definitely worth the follow! (: