Wednesday, November 14, 2012

weekend wonders.

this past weekend i got to take a spontaneous trip to Orem to meet up with my mom, Tate, and also Ty! it was so fun to see them. Tate had a race in Ogden, so of course we had to be his supportcrew, the snowy weather helped for a entertaining race. Tate did VERY well ending in third place, with only a few frozen limbs, and a couple scars to prove his strength. Ty helped him win by throwing snowballs at him during one of the hardest sections....thats what i call love. The weekend was amazing, and im wishing i could go back and replay it over and over. Only a week until i am back home with my dad and my cat... two things i have missed very much. i really dont think i can wait that long, but i have to. Its snowy and cold in Rexburg, and that sure does help sustain my sore throat and stuffy nose. I bought myself a new ice scraper for my car... I feel like i am offically a Rexican. I am gonna have to get used to this. Sorry for the belated post! I will try to be better~ but here are some photos to make up for it.
xoxo robs


  1. I'm glad I come before the cat on the list on your list of things missed.

  2. Thiiis is completely adorable. I love your pictures. Such beautiful memories created<3