Friday, October 12, 2012


so i had a spectacular friday. guess who came to visit me in little ole rexburg? my mom.. and brother! talk about a double wammy! i was super excited to hear that they were spending the night in rexburg while on their way up to driggs for tate's cyclocross race (where i will be tomorrow, screaming and shouting for him). i spent the day napping and cuddling with my mom-- catching up on sleep was much needed. and then we went to dinner at Mandarin Chinese Restaurant! I was very suprised at how good the food really was! whoohoo. I got to bring a few of my favorite poeple! Emily. Danielle. Dallin. Tate. and Mom. It was a super fun meal with a ton of laughs, mockery, and happiness. I think i may be on cloud nine right now, so happy! The rest of the night I spent talking with my roommates, and just hanging out. We started to watch a movie, and then i realized i was insane... i totally should be at the hotel cuddling with my mommmy! so guess what i did? exactly that. and here i am now. Just as giddy as a a thirteen year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert. I have missed my best friend ! So glad you visited me mom! Good luck on your race tomorrow, Tate! Pictures to come!


iPhone/iPad App Must-Have:
I love this app and i just wanted to share my love! so if anyone hasn't got it already, then you should! it is a new trendy way of instagraming and making your iPhone photos looking more professional!

heres my most reason duomatic photo:

start with this.  
take this.  
overlap, and viola! you have an overlay photo!
cute eh?

have a lovely weekend! xoxo robs

P.S. new seasons on netflix, both gossip girl & one tree hill... netflix is trying to kill my education. AH! must resist!

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