Friday, October 26, 2012


Rexburg is pretty magical right now, its a winter wonderland... in fall? im not so sure i will like the snow in a week, but for now.. we are friends! i had a great day sippin' cider with Rachel all morning long while watching snowflakes dance across the sky. Smores waffles with Morgan made the day even more deliciously magical. And movie nights with friend left my snow day on a high. If the snow brings all this happiness, i think we will get along swell. happy snow day!
xoxo robs!
p.s. we have exciting news! Morgan is coming home with me for Thanksgiving.... whoo! let the fun begin!


  1. Snow already ! I love snow, but I'm not to eager to see it just yet !
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  2. SNOW???? Im soooooo jealous!

  3. Let it snooow!
    I love your sidebar image btw :D

    xo Sarah, The Indie Fox

  4. Wow you already have snow?? I have never really experienced snow as it never snows here :)