Saturday, September 22, 2012


happy saturday!

so last night a ton of our friends got together and went to the sand dunes and had a bonfire with some awesome friends. A lot of them were from my new ward, it was so fun meeting all the new faces. We had a great time listening to country music and swaying to the beat. I have never been a big fan of country... but at a bonfire it is very suitable i guess! i actually enjoied it! it was freezing cold, im gonna have to try and get used to this strange weather. After we got home, we decided at 11:45 that we wanted  FroYo from Kiwi Loco... since it closes at 12:00 we had to speed our way there. It was pretty hilarious. I bet all the customers there thought we were super lame in our pajamas looking like fools. It was great. A spectacular night with a wonderful bunch of friends. Here are some pictures that my friend Taylor Dossett took while at the bonfire. I totally slacked and forgot my camera. rookie move. looking forward to tonight, a HUGE dance party at the Hart and some free time to help get over my cold. yay! Here are some fun pictures! xoxo robs
P.S. recognize the jacket? thrifted from the gypsy den? i studded it... and it looks fabulous! i think i may be obsessed.
love them!
a great night. 

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