Thursday, September 27, 2012

call me maybe?

my roommate ashley found this online and i just cant stop laughing. how funny! i bet Carly Rae Jepsen is laughing at us Mormons :) well i would be ! so great. Call Me Maybe Conference Style!

i have been having a blast thinking about the songs from my childhood. and of course I immediately get taken back to the Backstreet Boys, and NYSYNC, but do you remember the A*Teens? I sure do, and I am very embarassed to say that I had to buy this song off iTunes, just for kicks. Love it. 
Here are some photos from the other day. I am sorry I have not been very good at posting and stuff, but I should have some photos soon. Rachel took some at the flag football game we watched, so those should be here soon. For now... Enjoy!
P.S. remember to love the little moments, they are pretty great.  xoxo robs
hardcore partiers? haha we wish.

studying on our first sunny day in Rexburg!

i love devotional!

got this adorable letter from Eli in the mail, i was so happy!

studying with two beauties. I love Em and Morgan.

Our breathe taking study spot!


  1. Who has that kind of time? Funny stuff. Need to put words on screen for us old guys that only listen to 80's rock.

  2. Aww, lovely photos :)

    HEHEHE that video is seriously cool. (:
    And I remember A*Teens etc. too.. Couple years ago BSB had a concert here, and I was their roadie (can you believe..) It was this school thingy.. :) Neat experience.

    Indie by heart

  3. that's pretty much the funniest thing ever! New follower alert:)