Saturday, September 15, 2012


so yesterday was a very strange day. so many ups and downs for me. i dont really know what to think about it. but thats okay. my phone is broken, dead, forever. apple is sending me a new one, so therefore i hope to be back on instagram in no time! haha. well anywho. yesterday i only had one class so i spent most the time studying and doing laundry. last night we went out with some friends, and saw a different side of the Rexburg. i am so grateful i had my roommates there to help me decide that the type of enviroment we want to be in, was not any where near where we were. we left early and had a slumber party... which couldnt have been any better :) love life here, and i cant wait for the adventures that await!
hope you had a wonderful friday!
xoxo robs


  1. At least you found your keys! Thank heaven for good roommates.

    Cute toes. Enjoy the green grass while it lasts. Those toes will be in wool socks before you know it.

  2. I heard you lost your keys and phone (JUST) broke all on the same day!

    I promise I wont ever let you live that down :) xoxox

    1. gosh for some reason i thought you were kind? oh wait.. thats my other brother. HEHE

  3. That sucks about your phone, but at least they are sending you a new one! Looks like you had a pretty cute time out in the sun :)

    What's your instagram? I'd love to follow, even if you're inactive for a little while.

    Courtney x

  4. my instagram: @robynmalia ill follow you back!, just comment so i know it is you! thanks for your comments.