Friday, September 7, 2012

cool college kids.

well look who is all grown up... but not entirely ( for my mom!). so im off to school. i met my roommates, and i couldnt have got luckier. i got three adorable girls, we click great! so i guess maybe i have a little luck? ***its probably all out now... dang it! but i really love it up here. the enviroment is so awesome and the people could not be any nicer! its cool how no one knows anyone so we are all forced to be outgoing! a bonus for extra outgoing people like me! there is a multitude of ADORABLE boys here. and i am more than excited to introduce myself tomorrow.... i didnt have the guts today... 
but my mom is gone. and im a mom-less college student and it is starting to kick in. i dont know what to do. i think i may be a mama's girl... well wait, i know i am. ah! i see a lot of skyping in the future. so here it goes, watch out Rexburg, im here :) 
P.S. mom... i think you left somethings here in my dorm. their names are- your daughter, me, moi, robby.... COME BACK! jk. i love you. bye :(

my new roomates!
emily, ashley, jessica

my cousin, and new bff, spence!

dear idaho, i love you.

cant wait for my future adventures! whootwhoot!
xoxo robs

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