Monday, September 10, 2012

lost puppy.

so today was my first offical day of school! classes started today and i had three of them! Beauty & Creativity- Humanities. Foundations Science (ewww.). Book of Mormon. my teachers all seem good. Especially my Book of Mormon teacher, the same one that just decided not to show up to class today. I think me and her are gonna get along well.... NOT! i was already a lost little puppy on campus, so she just had to make me even more confused? why? blasphemy. but the day went really well. after classes we did some homework, and then met up with a friend of mine Andrew Pierson (second photo) and ate waffles at my dorm! SCORE! emily taught me to eat peanut butter on mine, double score! yummy.  then the height of my day was the sweet deals we got at the DI. me and emily got our dorm a TV and DVD player and all the cables for only 30 bucks. We are super excited for Friday Night Movie Nights. we also taught the boys a little more about thrifting, and i think they are hooked :)
overall a great day. ending it off on a high note with a warm blanket, and a dark dorm. so sleepyy...
our dorm is definitely the party dorm!

this kid. A++++

studying already? what?
zzzzz.... robs

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