Sunday, September 9, 2012

livin' the life.

sorry my posts have been ever unfrequent, but this first week of school is just crazy mess. it has been awesome! i can offically say that my first weekend was very successful: bridge jumping, waterfall sites, and gelati with some incredible kids. its amazing how some of the kids at BYU-I are so outgoing and welcoming! i love it. ive already made some incredible friendships. whoot whoot! my roomates are perfection! i love each of them so much, i think i got super lucky (yeah, me, lucky, WHAT?). Me and Emily's dorm room is adorable, and i will have photos to share soon... its not very clean currently. haha. but here are some cute photos we have taken throughout the week. i wish i had a scanner for my polaroid photos, but i guess that will have to wait!

love her.

talent show night.

we heart college.
how did your weekend go?
xoxo robs


  1. So great to hear your college year has started off so nicely! :) I love my classmates too, although it's last year of my studies ( university of applied sciences, i'm not sure if is that's actually same as college ) now and we don't really have school anymore.. So I don't really feel like a student anymore.

    Cute photos ! ^^

    Indie by heart

  2. Sounds like you are having fun!!! I'm happy you got such great roommates and I totes want to see some pictures of y'all's dorm! :D Have a great day! Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

  3. Hi Lady friend! Thanks for commenting on my blog and asking about Why I Blog Wednesday! I'd be happy to have you write up a post for the series, just shoot me an

  4. It looks like you're having so much fun!!! I lived on college last year and it was the best year of my life - it was like having instant friendships that evolved into really great relationships. I'm glad you're enjoying it already!!!