Thursday, August 23, 2012

some random giggles.

okay today i was bad and didnt really prepare a post... so this is what i whipped together. i was looking at the oldest pictues that are on my facebook and i found this... uh how in the world. first off... the cell phones.... hilarious. second off... im pretty sure i wore that halloween costume for the 20th time this past halloween. SHH our secret! and thirdly... just wow! crazy how time flies, eh? headed off to college in a week or so, and i remember this night so clearly!  ((by the way can you tell that is celina!!))   so here goes my tagged photos adventure....

and now for the "yes we caught you on camera" segment.

and there goes my perfect photo!

the backgroud says it all....
and finally... a photo of someone i miss. ahh. all my friends are already starting college and im here alone. well not alone, i do have my cat. and my mom. i guess i am pretty much covered them :) haha. 
have a great day. reminder: smile! ((from the movie that inspired my future nightmares.. "Gone"))
xoxo robs


  1. Hi dear, thanks for stopping by, your photos are so cute and full of fun memories! Have a super weekend!