Monday, August 20, 2012

take me back.

when i finally got a pause in my jam packed crazy unlucky day today... (( car wont start. sicky robyn. fate not on my side.))  i started to edit a few of my favorite photos from Paris. I love how a photo can capture a moment. personality. smile. and laugh in just a click of the button. here are my favorite highlights of the trip! thanks for listening to me ramble so much :) merci.
Loving the Louvre.

All Day, Every Day.
Good Looks.

Never-ending Trees.
Tall Towers.

xoxo robs


  1. I sighing hopelessly now. It's my DREAM to visit. Hopefully in two summers I'll be able to make it happen. That first photo is gorgeous!

  2. Hello darlin. You are quite talented yourself. :) I like your blog and photos. Thanks for the beautiful comment on my blog. Wanna follow each other?

  3. Your pics are so different from mine, yeah, but so lovely. They make me want to go back too :(

  4. oh, all of these are beautiful. i love the one of your freinds goofing around. and i hope that today is better than yesterday- with the car, the sniffles, and the fate :)

  5. Great photos!
    Would you like to fallow each other? I wish to see you among my followers!
    Let me know please!

  6. wowzas these photos are so beautiful!

  7. hey! thank you very much for the comment in my blog!
    I just love that post since I haven't been to Paris yet but I totally want to go. it's a huge wish from my imaginary wishlist. and your photos are just gorgeous!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. gahhh, I love paris. I too was over there this summer. I'm already planning my next trip, CANT GET ENOUGH! Thanks for the cute comment! Love your adorable blog (: